Sunday, July 29, 2007

planning, packing, stressing.

This week, I am going on vacation. Now generally, to most people, that's not a very profound statement. But this is the first time we are going on vacation all together as a family. Not Eric and I dropping off the kids for a weekend away, not me and Perrin and my mom jet setting to a conference, but all of us packing up the car and heading to New Hampshire. I am stressed about it because Eric has me planning everything, and he can be so OCD about things sometimes. At least we have someone to come feed the cat while we're gone.

MMM update: I have 3 of the 5 layouts completely done and documented. #4 is in process, and I have a few already done that I may choose one as #5. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized after reading the rules that the entry has to be postmarked by July 31st, not arrive there by July 31st. So, I do not have to overnight my entry on Monday as I rush to get everything done at the last minute. I can leisurely mail it on Tuesday after I rush to get everything done at the last minute. I am totally in love with my theme layout, it's too bad that is the one that I have to send the actual layout.

Book update: I finished Harry Potter Book 1. Nice easy read. I loved reading all the little details that were not in the movie. I've now started on Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. It's a book designed for service consultants to develop a brand and build a client base that you love, and that is the spot I'm in right now with my business. I've read through the first chapter, and I like that it has exercises and assignments for you to do, rather than just a pure read.

Now, I will return to my regularly scheduled stressing.

Friday, July 27, 2007


It's Friday, and I have a ton of things to do today and through the weekend. I've got a list of scrap-related things a mile long, then add work-related and home-related, and I can't see the end of it. So in the interest of at least keeping my blog semi active, I'm taking a quick break to write, even though I really should be doing about 300 other things.

I started Harry Potter Book 1 yesterday. I spent about an hour in the afternoon and an hour last night, and I'm about 2/3 of the way through. I have seen the movie, so I knew the general premise, but it is fun to read all of the details that weren't included in the movie. It's a very easy read, compared to some other fantasy series I've read, but fun because I know the characters. I picked up Book 2 at BJ's the other day, and I'll be adding that onto my book queue.

I've decided, at the very last minute, that I want to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest. The entries need to be received by Tuesday. So, I have until Monday morning to get my entry done then overnighted. It's not as bad as it sounds, I have my theme layout done, 2 more definitely completed layouts, and a few others that I'm on the fence on. So I need to create a maximum of two layouts. Not sure when the heck I'm going to work on it, I'm going to my niece and nephew's birthday party tomorrow, so I need to make 2 cards and a present that I've had an idea for.

My dear friend Maryfrances, owner of Scrapbooker Online, had her 40th birthday party this week. The sistas created pages for this fabulous album that she received yesterday. You are a wicked awesome gal MF!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh dear......

My poor poor neglected blog......I'm sorry to have ignored you for so long. I promise to show you more love! Really!

I've decided to create a book queue. I have so many books that I want to read, and I pick up new books here and there, flip through them occasionally, then forget about them. So, here's the current line up:

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - yes, I am the only person on the face of the planet that has not read this series. I've had the book for months, and kept putting it off, so it's on the top of the pile. I saw the Order of the Phoenix in the theater last week, and I think that was the kick I needed to get reading.

2. Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port - technically, I don't have this book yet, it's in route from However, it's next on the list as I work on my business.

3. The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer - I've already read this book, but it's one of those books that you keep reading and keep learning from. And I have lots to learn about sales and marketing.

4. Organizing From the Inside Out by Julia Morgenstern - My whole life needs organizing, and I need help.

5. Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan - Book 6 in the Wheel of Time series.