Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Real Housewives + Scrapbooking = Who Does That Crop

My friend Carol over at the Boston Area Scrap Fanatics is throwing one heck of a crop concept, check this out if you're interested:

From joke, to dare, to REALITY

BostonAreaScrapFanatics brings you one of the most unique and exciting scrapping adventures of our time!

A weekend-long even centered around those "fab-u-lous" Real Housewives of New Jersey and our passion for scrapbooking.

You've seen it on the screen, now experience it in 'reality.'

Our adventure begins with a day-long crop in the elegant ballroom of "The Brownstone" and it continues with an additional 24 hour crop at the Totowa Holiday Inn, complete with late-night pizza from Joe and Teresa's pizzeria!

That's a total of 35 non-stop cropping hours with food, games, prizes, make and takes and on-site vendors. What's so special you ask? We've lined up Posche Boutique, The Chateau Salon, and The Skinny Italian just for you.

"Who does that"? We do!

For more information and to register go to: and click on "Who Does That Crop" at the top of the page.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

It's a new year once again, and of course it's that time of hope and planning and resolutions. I hate resolutions because I am terrible at keeping them. I do of course have some resolutions in mind, but I'm thinking of ways to make them stick, mostly by treating them as measurable goals and breaking them into manageable chunks.

One thing I really want to do more of this year is scrap. This was sort of an off-crafting year for me, and while I did get some things done, I think it's important to me to scrap more regularly. As I posted last week, I'm taking the Soul Restoration class starting in a couple of weeks and that should be a great kick in the crafty pants. The boys got me some school-themed embellishments and stamps so I can get to work on the stack of school stuff I want to scrap. And one of my goals for this year is to clear out my bin of unfinished scrap projects. I'll either finish them or toss them. I have some non-scrap related crafting projects on my radar as well: finish the dress that I cut all the pieces for months ago, make the laptop case I bought the materials for months ago, etc. I also have personal goals and business goals that I want to achieve too.

So I wish you a happy and productive new year too!