Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cheap and Easy Holiday Decor

I wanted to create a new decoration for our front door this year. I have unique requirements because there is not much space between our front door and storm door, and anything more than about 1.5 inches gets squashed. The other problem is that we are south facing, and the front of our house bakes in the sun. So nothing flammable or meltable can be used.

I posted on Two Peas asking for ideas, and I knew Mojito would come through for me. She linked me to her own 5-minute wreath, and I adapted it for what I had on hand.

Rather than purchasing a wreath frame, I took a wire coat hanger and pulled it into a circle with the hook at the top (built in hanger!). I then wrapped 2 strands of tinsel around the frame and tucked in the ends. (I believe the tinsel were 15' lengths). I added the ribbon bow, and I was done. Total time, less than ten minutes.

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