Thursday, November 04, 2010

UFO* - Day 3

*UFO = unidentified fluffy object.

I have had issues sleeping for a while now, and part of the problem is that I snore, much to my husband's chagrin. I have been looking up non-medical methods to try to alleviate my snoring and potentially sleep better. One of the best things is to sleep on your side. That's fine, I have to be on my side to go to sleep. Problem is I roll onto my back after I'm asleep and that's when the chainsaw starts. When I take a nap on the couch, I am forced to stay on my side, and I actually wake up pretty rested. I even thought about getting one of those old fashioned kid swimmy bubbles that you strap to your back so that I couldn't roll over.

So, when I was at BJ's last week, I saw this pillow made by Sona.

I did think twice about buying a $60 pillow, so I went home and read up a bit on it. Decided to buy it, went back and picked it up. My husband says it's "aerodynamic", and asked if it can fly. (ha.) The pillow is supposed to keep you in a side sleeping position by having you sleep on one of the wings and have your arm underneath.

Okay, so Night 1 of the Unidentified Fluffy Object. I set myself up in the proper position, and I am completely aware of my arm. I am not used to sleeping with my arm under the pillow, and rather than relax, I keep focusing on my arm. And what to do with my arm, and how to lay/prop my arm, and if my arm is hanging off the bed, etc. It takes me forever to fall asleep. I decide to keep my arm down and see how it works. My husband kicks me twice during the night, each time I realize I'm on my back snoring with my head on the lump in the middle. Nice. Halfway through the night I switch back to my old pillow.

Night 2 of the UFO. I decide that I really need to have my arm under the pillow for it to work. Takes me forever to fall asleep because I can hear the fibers in the pillow crinkling, at least I think that's what the noise was. I ask my husband in the AM if I snored, he says he didn't think so, but at 3:14 AM I woke him up by pulling the entire covers onto my side of the bed. (He remembered the time because it was pi o'clock.)

Night 3 of the UFO. Still took me a while to fall asleep. I could hear my pulse in my ear. Spent time wondering if that happened with my other pillow. Otherwise slept okay, no snoring that my husband noticed.

I think the key is getting over the novelty of the pillow at this point. I have major issues sleeping at other places when I have to use a different pillow, so this wasn't unexpected. Sona states that you should try it out for 30 days before forming an opinion, so I'm 10% through my trial period. We shall see.

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