Monday, August 06, 2007

just another Manic Monday

It is humid today. Blech. But it's not warm enough yet for the AC to kick on. And I'm too cheap to turn the temp down so it turns on. So, just hoping it warms up a bit so I can cool down. Yeah, that makes sense. :P

I am totally inspired by Emily Falconbridge's Art Card Challenge that she's been presenting on her blog. I'm bummed that I only just discovered this. I am going to find me a deck of playing cards and start working on these! I love little pieces of art. I took her canvas class at CKU last summer, and she is so fun, so casual and so creative. And she has a gorgeous new little baby with those cheeks I just want to squeeze!

We finally posted some pics from our trip last week, here's one of me and Perrin at Lost River.

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LeslieinTN said...

Great photo! You'll have to share more on SBO's PAD. ;)