Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do You Squidoo?

I was referred to a really cool site yesterday called Squidoo. It was created by marketing guru Seth Godin, and is a really easy way to make a "lens", or page, about something you're interested in. You can create lenses about a hobby or interest, to promote your business, or just to tell the world all about you! So far, I've created two lenses. One is to promote my business, and it focuses on resources for technical proposals. The other is to promote my scrapbooking articles on Suite 101 and other places. It seriously only takes ten minutes to get a lens started. You can join or create groups of lenses that focus on different interests. I came across a group of lenses for Etsy shop owners, for example.

Interested? If you want to create your own Squidoo lens, I would love it if you use this referral link: Sue wants you to join Squidoo! It is easy and free, and kind of fun!

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Nikki Workman said...

Hey...I'll have to check this out. Thanks Sue.