Monday, January 14, 2008

I am Procrastinating.

I have three different work projects I could be working on right now. Or, I could be doing laundry, or dishes, picking up the toys in the living room, or heck, even scrapbooking. I really should be working, but I write a sentence or so, then I feel the need to check my email, or my blog, or my Suite 101 articles, or the SBO forums, etc. So, here I am, updating my blog instead of working.

It finally stopped snowing, and it looks like we had about 10" fall. I love snow. I don't even mind driving in it so much (I don't like dumb people driving in snow though.). The snow looks so pretty covering everything.

Sounds like the little one is up from his nap....time for me to move on to another form of procrastination.

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