Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, E surprised me this year for Christmas by getting me a Cricut Expression! He was originally turned off by it because it wasn't able to cut shapes and fonts that were not on a Cricut cartridge. However, he found a program that allows the Cricut to cut TrueType fonts, Illustrator files, and other custom graphics, so he got over that initial misgiving. When I was at the SBO retreat back in November, there were 12 ladies there and 5 Cricuts!

It's very easy to use, I got it working right out of the box. I'll have to experiment a bit with cutting depths and pressure, etc., and I definitely need to get the deep cut blade to cut chipboard.

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KSmith said...

I so wish for the expression but will happy with my original LOL.

Funny story I love the flourishes of the storybook cartrdige so much I bought it TWICE. yup that's right I am the proud owner of it. Luckily I realized it before I opened the second package. Going to return it to AC without the reciept so not to mess up my rewards points.