Thursday, March 22, 2007

I did not win HOF.

And that is okay, I really didn't expect that I would.

I did not win HOF HM. Okay, that bothers me a little more. I thought my entry was definitely good enough for HM. Of course my mind starts to think, "Was I disqualified for some reason? Did I do something wrong? What was it about my work, compared to the other entries, that made it score lower than the 75 total winners?"

I think I'm going to look for a few past winners and ask them to take a look at my entry, and give me some feedback. I need to know how to improve, especially if I want to enter the SOY contest, or other contests further down the line.....


Jan C. said...

I think all of us who entered and did not receive a call feel curious about what we could be doing better. It's easy to get nice comments about layouts, but sometimes I think it would be more helpful if someone would tell what would give mine more mojo, too. Hope you can find that person. Maybe next year you and I will get that call we were secretly longing for this week!

Lara said...

Totally understandable. My last year's entry I didn't expect anything because I threw together the last 3 pages after a hospital stay and I knew they were not my best work.

This year I loved my entry. Although that darn innovative technique probably killed me. :)