Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Starting the Resolutions Process

I don't want to jump right into resolutions for 2008. If I just write things down, I'm not sure they'll have the importance and meaning I'd like to have for them. So, I've sort of invented a process for myself to develop and clarify my goals. Let me know if you find any of this useful, or if you think I'm a nut.

I'm directly adopting four "buckets" for my goals from Franklin-Covey's "Sharpen the Saw" concept. The four buckets are:
  • Physical (or goals that have to do with my physical self)
  • Social/Emotional (goals concerning relationships, friendships, my emotional state)
  • Mental (goals for my brain)
  • Spiritual (goals for my heart, and things that really matter to me)
This week I will be brainstorming some goals ideas for each bucket. I'm just going to throw down whatever I think of as I think about it. Then, I'll weed through them and take out unreasonable goals, clarify vague goals, and make each goal specific.

Once I have some clear goals, I will outline any interim tasks that are required to complete the goal, then establish due dates for each subtask, as well as for the complete goal. These dates will then get moved into my planner, and each goal will get its own Goal Sheet in my planner. Each goal will be reviewed during my weekly planning process in 2008.

So, those are the ground rules, now to start thinking about actual goals. :D

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Jolene said...

Wow, that's deep. Best of luck to you as you begin this important process!