Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thank You BJ's...

Today I had to run to BJ's to get meatballs. That's all I really needed, though I picked up a couple of other things. The place was a zoo, with Christmas being two days away. The parking lot was jammed, the aisles full of people, and the checkouts clogged. I was trying to get out of there in a hurry, and I used one of the self-checkout lanes. When I checked out I got $20 cash back so I could stop at McDonald's on the way home for lunch.

I was back at my car when I realized that I had forgotten to pull my $20 out of the money thing. I ran back in, and sure enough, there was nothing in the money thing, someone surely took it. I took a chance and went to one of the front end personnel to ask if someone had by any chance turned in the $20. She said no, but one of the supervisors gave me $20 from the Customer Satisfaction fund, or something like that after looking at my receipt, and seeing that I did try to get $20 back.

Thank you BJ's, I know $20 isn't much, but when you're only working part time, it means a lot.

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Jolene said...

Yay for small miracles!