Monday, January 05, 2009

Analyze - Continued

Here's the rest of the "Analyze" phase of my scrap space reorg. Parts 1 and 2 were posted last week, scroll down to read those.

3. What items are essential to you?

Is this a trick question? I think I need everything. :) There's no one category of items I know I can toss, or there's no one area of stuff I'm really missing. I'll evaluate what I need and don't need on a case by case basis when I sort and purge later.

4. Why do you want to get organized?

-So I have a place to be creative.
-So I have a home for all of my supplies and tools, and it's easy to get things and put things away.
-S0 I eliminate all of the crap I'm never going to use.
-So I have an attractive workspace that I look forward to working in.
-So I have space to work efficiently.
-So I finish projects and am able to share them.

5. What's holding you back?

This is that deep philosophical question, right? Something I need a therapist to help me with? Basically, I am overwhelmed with the clutter, and the task of sorting, purging, organizing and just coping with it. I have issues with large projects: I see the clutter and I just avoid the situation. I haven't scrapped layouts in months (outside of the SBO retreat) because I have no space to lay out the project. I hardly even take pictures, and I want to keep recording the memories that my family is making.

I know that this process is already helping me attack the situation, and I am far less anxious about it than I have been before. Next up? Planning the general layout of my space, and maybe moving furniture around a bit to see how I like the looks of things.

P.S. I have to offer my apologies to Ms. Morgenstern, the author of the book I'm using as a guide for my organization process. (Organizing from the Inside Out) I have misspelled her name several different ways in every single post, and her first name is Julie, not Julia! I've gone back and corrected her name. I'm really picky about name spelling myself, and I feel bad when I get someone's name wrong. Not that she's reading my blog or anything, but I feel better knowing I've got it right.


Denise Beverly said...

even though i am not scrapping, i am in yet another year of trying to de-clutter. i am sort of doing the same thing as you right now, analyzing.

my clutter consists of paper, old bills etc that need filing, collectibles,basic junk and stuff.

luckily i can take some of the nice things that i just don't need to be put on consignment at the store. antiques,collectibles, things i thought i would display someday, after 20 years it probably isn't going to happen. so i am trying to put sentimentality aside and get them out of this house.

i have tried to use simplify as my watchword for several years...i think i need to change it to "throw it out the windows" or something a little more descriptive.

good luck with your project, your organizational skills will help you i am sure. do you know where i can buy some of those skills to implant?

Jolene said...

I love your witty banter, Miss Sue. Keep it coming, and good luck with the room!! ♥