Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Part 2 - Strategize!

After analyzing what I like and don't like about my space, and all of my therapeutic postings below, it's now time to strategize what I need.

A. Define Your Zones

I figured out that my scrap space has six zones:

1. Work space - My crafting table. This is where I'd sit and work.
2. Material storage - Where I keep all of my papers, embellishments, etc. Pretty much consumable stuff.
3. Tool storage - Where I keep all of my cutting tools, stamps, inks, and other non-consumable stuff. Also includes idea books and mags that I want to keep.
4. Project storage - Where I keep projects that are in process. I am the type of person that works on more than one thing at a time, and I want a logical way to store things that I'm working on so I'm not pushing piles around on my table.
5. Project display - I do have several things I'd like to display in my space, such as cards, altered items, ATCs, and other things.
6. Computer space - This is only sort of related to my crafting space, but includes my printer and CraftRobo, which I REALLY want to start using more. Also storing CDs with fonts and digi elements.

The goal is to have each of these zones be discrete areas, such as one bookshelf for material storage, one for tools, etc.

My next steps are to map out my space, and rearrange furniture to get a general configuration that I'm happy with. I'll take pics at that point.

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