Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! And so it Begins...

As I start my scrap space re-org and search for my missing mojo, I thought I'd share where I'm starting from. My scrap space is along one wall in our finished attic. It's a beautiful spot, and I love that there is a skylight right above my work table.

This is my main scrap area. The table is my workspace, and the bookshelf to the left is for storage. I had a matching bookshelf to the right of the table (you can see the edge of it off to the right), but we had to move it because we put a floor vent in so that our attic can be heated finally! So, I will not be able to move the bookshelf back into it's original position, which is fine.

To the left of the bookshelf shown in the previous picture is my desk with computer and such. Because my scrap table has become overrun with junk, I started scrapbooking on my desk, and now it's overrun. Part of my organization will include converting my desk back into a desk and using it for my business office space, although that is a secondary objective.

I'll be providing more pics and more details about the things that actually work in my space, and things I want to change, and I'll be sharing my planning approach as I go along. I am trying to take this one small step at a time, so that I don't get overwhelmed and procrastinate and abandon the project altogether, because I really REALLY want to get this space into a state that really gets my creativity flowing.

One rule I'm setting for myself: I am NOT starting any new projects while I reorganize, unless it's something small like a card for an occasion that I can get done in one sitting without disrupting my organization process. I'll be keeping a notebook of project ideas, and also collecting all of the unfinished projects I have (and I know I have several) as I go.

This is a lot to say, and enough for now. I need to actually get in there and start planning. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm using a book by Julie Morgenstern as my guide so I do this right. One of the first things she recommends when you're looking at a space is to figure out what parts of your system are actually working for you, rather than starting by focusing on what doesn't work. I'm going to spend today assessing what I actually do like about my space, and I'll post about that tomorrow.


Jolene said...

Great start! I love the skylight over your table. Can you put another small table over the vent for extra work/storage space that doesn't block the vent?

Sue K. said...

I may move the table to the right over the vent, and move the second bookcase next to the first one. I haven't decided yet, I'll probably just move things around and see how they look.

Janice Guazzo said...

I would move the table over the vent too...(maybe a longer table?) Have fun! Cant wait to see the results.