Monday, January 12, 2009

Sorting, sorting, sorting

I haven't updated in a couple days, because I'm not doing anything too exciting. Right now I'm sorting through all of my scrap materials and putting like things together. I took a box and put all of the cards I've made, card blanks and envelopes in there. Any other cards I come across will go in there. Another box for ribbon, and so on. So like I said, not too exciting.

According to the book, you shouldn't even think about buying any new containers until you've sorted and purged, so you can see how much storage space you really need. Makes sense, but still hasn't stopped me from perusing the Ikea web site. I like their stuff because it's simple and cheap. So, later on after I've done my sorting and purging, I'll be making a road trip to our nearest Ikea (1+ hour drive, unfortunately).

I have been coming across a lot of scrap projects I've never photographed or scanned, so maybe I'll share those here occasionally so there's at least some interesting content once in a while.


KSmith said...

Good luck on the purging. I need to go and clean my room. It seems to have grown since I was away.

Maryfrances said...

Hey, I have lots of small clear bins if you want some. I have tons left over now that the inventory is 1/2.

Sue K. said...

MF, I may take you up on that once I have a plan in place for how to organize my stuff. Or, I may invite you to go with me to Ikea. Either way sounds like a plan. ;)